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Shimizu Takeshi

清水 剛


1975 Born in Tanba Tachikui, Hyogo Prefecture

1999 Graduated from  Kyoto City University of Arts,Department of Crafts,
    Majoring in Ceramics

    Studied under Ceramic Artists Imai Masayuki and Imai Makimasa

2010 Biennale KUMAMOTO FINAL
    (Kumamoto Prefectural museum of Art)

    Selected as honorable mention for
    the Present Tense Ceramic Hagi Grand Award Exhibition 2010

2011 Kobe Biennale 2011 Contemporary Ceramics Competition

   Encourage Award (Same Award in 2009)

2012 Kyoto Arts for Tomorrow (The Museum of kyoto)

2013 Selected for the 22nd Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition (Selected in 2011)

2014 Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju Falk Museu/Korea)

2015 Traveled to Canada(Ottawa/Vancouver) under a Program sponsored
    by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan

2016 Exhibition of crafts from UCCN in the field of Crafts & Folk Art  
    (Icheon World Ceramics Center/Korea)

2017 Selected for Hyogo Prefecture Art Encouragement Award of year 2017

2018 Selected for Gold Prize at the 23rd Mino Tea Bowl Exhibition

    Selected for Excellence Award
    at the 11th Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition

    150 Years of Hyogo no Yakimono(Ceramics of Hyogo Prefecture)
    −From Techniques and Craftsmanship

    To Art and Originality(Hyogo Ceramic Art Museum)

    Special Exhibition−Suzu and The Six Ancient Kilns

    (Bizen Pottary Museum)    

    2018 TEA BOWL Exhibition of Gyeongsangnam-Do

    (Gimhae Culture Center/Korea)

2019 Selected for Excellent Award
    at the 12nd Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition

    Selected for Kyoto City Mayor Award at the 5th Geibunkyo Award

    Lectured at Japan-Korea Academic Symposium

    (Jinhae Pink Pottery Museum/Korea2016)

2022 The 39th Chano yu Zoukei Exhibition(Tanabe Museum/Shimane)

    Selected (5times)

Others, Held Solo Exhibition·Group Exhibition at various places

Shimizu Takeshi’s Works




工藝舎 -Kougeisha LCC-

Nara Office
45-5 Takamacho,Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8241 Japan

Tokyo Office
7F Seriko higashiginza Bldg,2-14-2 Tsukiji,Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 104-0045 Japan