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Since the end of World War II, Japan and the rest of the world have entered a new era, and lifestyles have changed dramatically. As a result, cultural assets and treasures that have been traditionally preserved by mankind have been pushed to the back of people’s memories.

In the United Kingdom and other Western countries, a culture of valuing things from the past has taken root. Japan, which learned a lot from U.K. at the time of modernization, also carefully preserved various cultural assets and treasures that were the result of the collective wisdom of its predecessors during the Meiji era (1868-1912). People continued to repair tools and use them with great care. This is essentially the pride of the Japanese people, a spirit that can also be seen in “mottainai”.

Today, the Meiji Era is not only found in modernized urban areas, but is also scattered throughout the original landscape of Japan. The fields are plowed, and a bountiful harvest is celebrated in the fall. Mountains are lined with streams flowing through them. In these satoyama landscapes, memories of the past that we have lost are still alive.


Watched over 100 years of old houses,

Messages from the tools, materials, and arts and crafts that have watched over 100 years of old private homes.

In old private houses, JAPAN PRIDE lies dormant. We will revive them in the modern age while preserving the history and traditions of these old private homes. We want to transmit the message from the tools, materials, and arts and crafts found in old private homes, and incorporate them into our modern lives and reuse them. This is truly a project that is in line with global trends such as recycling and SDGs.

Kougeisha’s Duty

Traditional Japanese House Consultation Service

Repair Service

We will be your consultant to meet your needs while making the best use of props, old building materials (old lumber), and arts and crafts related to old Japanese houses.

○ For preservation activities, those who want to preserve and pass on old houses

○ For those in the construction industry who want to utilize props and old materials (like old lumber).

○ For those who are considering renovating an old private house into a café, etc.

○ For those who would like to experience living in an old private house (hands-on accommodation)




工藝舎 -Kougeisha LCC-

Nara Office
45-5 Takamacho,Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8241 Japan

Tokyo Office
7F Seriko higashiginza Bldg,2-14-2 Tsukiji,Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 104-0045 Japan