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About Kougeisha

   We provide the essence of

  Japanese traditions,

  people passing on traditional

  techniques and craftsmanship

「The essence of craftsmanship」 is

the pursuit of HON-MONO.

Kogeisha is committed to protecting the Japanese traditions that have been cultivated over the course of time, while respecting the skills created by the passion of those who constantly innovate and hand down the traditions.

We believe that HON-MONO can be found in the traditions that have been built up over generations, and that HON-MONO will be passed on to the next generation to achieve further development.

Our mission is to bring a breath of fresh air into people’s lives. Like happiness wrapped in a refreshing breeze, the welcoming of sunlight, or splashing water on the waves.

We aim to produce a new and unique style of HON-MONO that will delight everyone’s senses.

For our present, for the children of the next generation, and for all of eternity. Kogeisha will continue to pursue the fulfillment of life for the next 100 years

[Business Details]

Event Planning Business

 〇Exhibition and Sale Events of Craftworks

 〇Crafting Event

 〇Activities at Cultural Facilities, etc

Merchandise Development Business

 〇Crafts Development and Sale

 〇Artwork Development and Sale

 〇Fashion-related Products Development and Sale

 〇Restaurant-related Products Development and Sale

 〇Maintenance and Restoration

Venue Management Business

 〇Event Venue Planning, Design, and Management

 〇Store Design and Construction Management


 〇Interior Space Coordination

Online Content Creation Business

 〇Online Store Planning, Operation and Management

 〇Online Service Planning, Operation and Management

 〇Website Development and Management

 〇Video Shooting, Planning, Production and Distribution

 〇Sales Promotion Development and Production

 〇Pamphlet and Etc. Development and Production

 〇Book Editing and Publishing

 〇Artwork Photography

Other Associated Producing Business

 〇Tourism Planning and Management

 〇Artist Assistance and Support

[Company Overview]

合同会社 工藝舎 ( Kougeisha LCC )

Establishment  2018年3月9日


 Main Office  449-3 Choanjicho,Yamatokoriyama-shi,

         Nara-ken 639-1127 Japan

 Nara Office  45-5 Takamacho,Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8241 Japan

 Tokyo Office  7F Seriko higashiginza Bldg,2-14-2 Tsukiji,Chuo-ku,

         Tokyo-to 104-0045 Japan

 TEL  0743-59-1355

[Representative Partner]

 Lead Representative Horibe Shinya

 Representative Asai Kimihito





工藝舎 -Kougeisha LCC-

Nara Office
45-5 Takamacho,Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8241 Japan

Tokyo Office
7F Seriko higashiginza Bldg,2-14-2 Tsukiji,Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 104-0045 Japan