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About Kougeisha

We provide the essence of Japanese traditions,

people passing on traditional techniques and craftsmanship

Our Business Information

Store Producing Business
Whole Sale of Furniture and Appliance, Sale of Order-Made Products

For owners considering opening a new store or replacing store fixtures. We provide you with a wonderful space that will enhance the presence of your store. We also produce custom-made products to meet your needs.

Craftsman Works
Support Business

We produce unique design spaces for homes and stores with our building materials and parts made from our craftsmen's techniques.

Event Planning
Content Creation Distribution

We offer planning of events and contents that provide opportunities to experience Japanese traditional crafts. Please contact us for details on planning workshops to meet your needs

Traditional Japanese House Consultation Business

We offer consulting services to meet your needs for preservation, living, and store operations, while utilizing our techniques for repairs and renovations.

Artist Support
Product Development Business

We assist artists for design, marketing, branding, shooting of artworks, production of videos, direct messages and website making. We also provide product development services for companies and buyers.

Gallery Management Business

We offer galleries open for solo and group exhibitions and showrooms for stores.




工藝舎 -Kougeisha LCC-

Nara Office
45-5 Takamacho,Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8241 Japan

Tokyo Office
7F Seriko higashiginza Bldg,2-14-2 Tsukiji,Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 104-0045 Japan